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BMT Schedule of Events

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BMT Schedule of Events

The typical graduation week is listed below. Graduation weeks do change especially around the holidays so visit an OFFICIAL AIR FORCE link for up to date information.


All BMT graduation ceremonies are held outdoors. Visiting family members should dress appropriately.



  6:00am - Reception Center Opens

  7:30am - Airman’s Run

  8:00am - Events Briefing #1

  8:45am - New Spouse Orientation

  9:00am - Events Briefing #2 (same as #1)

10:00am - Airman’s Coin Ceremony

                The Airman's Coin Ceremony is a retreat ceremony in which Airmen

                 receive the coveted Airmen or Guardian coin that signifies their transition

                 from "Trainee" to "Airman". Upon presentation of the coin by their

                 Military Training Instructor, trainees will officially become Airmen and Guardians.


10:30am - Town Pass

  8:00pm - End of Liberty *Airmen/Guardians due back in their dormitory.




  6:00am - Reception Center Opens

  9:00am - Graduation Parade

  9:30am - Base Liberty or Town Pass (Check official Air Force BMT site) 

  6:00pm - End of Liberty or Town Pass *Airmen/Guardians due back in dorm. 


    * The MTI may impose a different time.  Check with official Air Force BMT site




Most Airman/Guardians leave for tech school Friday. They get their phones back as they leave the Training Squadron.  Any rules for visitation after they leave BMT are dependent on the receiving base. 

NOTE: Changes can be made at any time for any reason.