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What is the processing time for online orders?
Online orders are processed in-house usually within 2-3 business days. Shipping typically takes another 3-5 business days. Most items are available prior to graduation except the flight items and blankets. (Banners require a FULL 2 weeks to complete and ship.)
What is the difference between a squadron shirt and a flight shirt?       
A squadron shirt, also known as the "airman's run shirt," are the shirts that graduating airman typically wear for the airman’s run. It is a design specific to each basic training squadron. The flight shirt is designed by the individual flights within a squadron and is decided by the airmen in that flight. Flight designs are finalized and shirts are produced the week of graduation. Due to this tight schedule, online flight items are not available to be received prior to graduation and are shipped the week following graduation. NOTE: All airmen orders will be delivered by Wednesday of graduation week.
What is the cost to ship items?
Shipping & handling charges are based on the order weight. Orders over $200 receive FREE shipping.
We ship to US addresses including Guam, Puerto Rico and APO addresses only.
Can I buy the squadron shirts at Lackland Air Force Base?
Yes, you may purchase squadron shirts at one of our t-shirt shop stores located in each of the mini malls on the BMT side of base. Items are also available at the Lackland Shirt Shop booth before the  Airman's Run which is located outside the Reception Center (Weather Permitting). Remember: If you want the shirt customized to wear for the squadron run, you will need to order ahead of time online. Most friends and family want to wear the squadron shirt to the airmen's run.  
Do you ship internationally?
We ship to US addresses including Guam, Puerto Rico and APO addresses only.
What are the specifics about customization on squadron shirts?
It is very popular to honor your airman by having their name customized on the squadron shirt. Customization is located on the right chest across from the pre-printed emblem on the left chest. We are limited to 4 inches for each line so the more letters in a line, the smaller the text will be. Please refer to the squadron shirts for ideas and placement. Please note that once an item is customized it is not returnable or refundable.
Where are your stores located?
The stores are located at 1530 Femoyer Street at Lackland AFB 78236 and 1451 Stewart at Lackland AFB, TX 78236. You will see our company name above the store. Our warehouse is located off base at 7019 West Plaza San Antonio, TX 78227 and also has a retail sales area inside.
Do all flights design a flight shirt?
The great majority of flights design a flight shirt and they order it from us graduation week. If you pre-order these items and flights do not complete designs, you will be issued a refund. 
What is the color of the flight shirt?
The majority of flights chose black as the shirt color. However, the choice between black and charcoal grey is left for the flight. If you pre-order a flight shirt you will get the exact same shirt as was designed by the flight. No changes can be made. If you order a flight shirt as a past-grad shirt from our website, it will be printed on a black shirt.
Can we buy the flight shirt at Lackland Air Force Base?
Flight shirts are only available through online ordering. The deadline to preorder online is 12:00 noon CST SUNDAY before graduation. After the preorder closes, you may order through the "Past Graduation" option which is located under the FLIGHTS category on the website. 
Where can we see the flight shirt artwork?
Flight artwork, once finalized, is available to view on our Facebook page. Please click the Facebook icon on bottom of the home page or visit Art is loaded on our Facebook page during the week of graduation.   
How do we receive our flight shirt?
Provided you have ordered by Sunday before your airmen’s graduation, your items will me mailed to the address noted on your online order, after graduation week. Flight items can only be shipped out at this time and cannot be picked up during graduation. Past Graduation items take 3-5 weeks for production and shipping. 
TSHIRT SHOP - Stewart Street (South Troop)    
Monday: 11am - 5pm    
Tuesday: 11am - 5pm  
Wednesday: 11am - 5pm 
Thursday: 11am - 5pm     
Friday: 11am - 5pm  
Saturday:  9am - 5pm        
Sunday:  9am - 5pm
TSHIRT SHOP - Femoyer Street (North Troop)    
Monday:  11am - 6pm
Tuesday: 2:30pm - 6pm
Wednesday: 2:30pm - 6pm
Thursday:  11am - 6pm
Friday:  11am - 6pm
Saturday: 9am - 6pm
Sunday: 9am - 5pm 
Can I order a flight shirt after graduation?
Yes, there is a great digital option that utilizes the original flight shirt's back artwork. These items are produced digitally so there are some variations in color from the original silk-screened items and the front imprint is different than that of the original printing and the sleeves are blank. To order, go to the Flights tab and select Past Graduation. Provide us the year and flight number of the flight item you wish for us to remake. These items are not able to be refunded or exchanged and do require up to 5 weeks to receive.  
What is a flight blanket?
Flight blankets are customized for each airman. You will have a choice of a squadron shirt and a flight shirt or a customizable embroidered square. The blanket will also include 10 other flight shirts. Because it is all customizable, the time of producing the blanket can be up to 4 weeks after graduation.  There are no refunds on this item.  
What if I forgot to enter a discount code after ordering?
We will gladly honor the promo code if you immediately inform us. However, once the order has started processing, we will not be able to apply a discount code. The one-time promo code will not be available for future orders.